Errington Lodge Cattery is a licensed holiday accommodation for cats, all being affectionately cared for in comfortable surroundings.

We are a small cattery offering a choice of chalets.  Each chalet is 7ft in height with a raised sleeping area, having a flap and window. All chalets have a large heated sleeping area that is insulated and ventilated to keep out the cold in winter and maintain comfortable conditions in the summer months.  All chalets are heated in the sleeping areas when necessary (there is no additional charge for heating) The covered run area is 8ft long with a raised ‘sunning shelf’, ramp for easy access to the sleeping area and safety barriers each side for protection against droplet infection. Chalets for the less agile, elderly and disabled cat are available with lower sleeping areas and wider ramps.  The whole of the cattery is screened during the winter with windows that tilt open when the better weather starts to return. The screens are made from a framed UV Protected Perspex, and help to absorb winter heat from the sun into the cattery. The floor is sealed with a purpose made recommended application, designed for animal safety and provide the protection to promote maximum hygiene.

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PLEASE NOTE- We cannot board UN-NEUTERED male cats.


A single chalet suitable for the individual cat but ample space for 2 cats in the family.

A double chalet suitable for 2 cats or more from the same family.

Chalet sizes can be altered for larger cat families.

Many cats prefer their own beds, but if not a comfortable one can be provided. We use ‘Vetbed’ for every cat and an extra mattress for the senior visitors.  Vetbed and mattresses are hot washed between each use, promoting maximum hygiene in the sleeping areas.


The Lodge

The Lodge is our newest chalet that was completed after we had the new flooring put down.  We had re-arranged the kitchen area which gave us room there to store all the baskets, so the original storage area became the Lodge, and very popular it is proving to be!  It is ideal for two or more cats from the same family, extra shelves, hammock, large heated sleeping area with a large hideaway above.  It is the equivalent size plus, of a double chalet with the pricing structure slightly different, (see cattery pricing) Please book as early as you can…There are already 2021 bookings for this!



Twice daily or more often as required depending on your cats life status, with your cats chosen menu.  We use quality cats food i.e.  Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved and encourage owners to feed a diet that is suitable for their cats needs. Ask about your cats diet? We retail all the foods that we use in the cattery and hope owners that have needed advice will be encouraged to continue at home.

All feeding dishes are disposable for maximum hygiene.  A plastic or metal bowl is used for water.


We use in the cattery an organic and environmentally friendly litter called ‘Qualicat’ This is a corn based litter and is 100% dust free, that has to be a bonus for everyone!  It is light to use and slides easily out of the litter tray without the need for digging and scraping, all this with one hand! The moisture is drawn to the bottom of the litter so the top always remains dry.  It can also be composted, it is 100% bio-degradable, so has to be good for our environment! We love it and so do many of our customers, it is very economical when used correctly.  It is available to purchase from the cattery in 20kg bags.  Qualicat is only available from Errington Lodge Cattery, we are the only stockist in the UK.

The cattery uses animal safe disinfectants and cleaning materials, mainly ‘Safe4’ and ‘Anigene’ both approved by DEFRA


All cats must have an up to date certificate against Infectious Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.  Ask your vet about the leukaemia vaccination, it’s good for your cat but not compulsory for a cattery.  Please bring any health problems to our attention before booking in, or when you arrive for your cats stay, please inform us of any new health issues.

Should the need arise for veterinary attention, we consult the cattery vet, which is ‘Darwin Vet Centre’ They would liaise with your own vet if there was a health issue that was ongoing to gain the most recent history. All veterinary expenses remain the owner’s responsibility.

Unlike many catteries, we make no extra charges for the administering of medications.  There is no charge for transportation of your cat to the vet if it is considered necessary.  There is however a charge if it was for routine vaccinations. Please make sure your cat is fully up to date with vaccinations before arriving, otherwise your cat will be placed in isolation for their safety and that of others until the vaccination has been carried out.

We are able to look after diabetic cats that require insulin injections.  All insulin and needles will need to be provided, full details and vet contact details.  (Sharps disposal container will not need to be provided)

Please note that an ‘Out of hours Vet’ would be used if considered necessary.

Viewing the cattery is most welcome.  We can also offer a collection and delivery service for an additional charge depending on travel.

Conditions of Acceptance.

  • All cat/s to be boarded have a valid certificate of vaccination against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis.
  • All cat/s are to arrive at the cattery in a ‘suitable’ carrying container.
  • Owners are obliged to inform us of any new medical conditions not already disclosed and to make us aware of changes to any pre-disclosed medical conditions of their cat.
  • No cat/s will be released from the cattery to any other person, except to the owner, or to an agreed person nominated by the owner, by pre-arrangement.
  • We will not accept un-neutered Males.
  • We reserve the right, that in the case of illness or suspected illness, a Veterinary Surgeon  will be consulted and if necessary, called in to carry out such treatment as he/she considers advisable at the owners expense.
  • If a cat is insured with an owner policy please inform us if you make any changes or cancel your policy.
  • 50% of original booking would be required in the event of cancellation.
  • These conditions of acceptance will be valid on this and any future stay at Errington Lodge Cattery.
  • If an emergency contact number has been left, please ensure that this will be checked whilst you are away.
  • All cat / cats are left at owners risk.

Privacy Policy.

  • Information collected about you will be used purely for the completion of the booking form and to provide a good service.  No details are passed to a third party or used for other purposes.